The fat girl with the nose hair

I am fascinated by the combination of body fat and thick waxy hair. Nostrils close like fleshy trapdoors, the feet look like huge hands. I am talking hippos, not men.

Other aspects of the physical appearance of a hippo’s body intrigue me: bulging eyes and pink ears, becoming see-through red as the sun sets behind the dome-like bodies. I am strangely intrigued by the huge yellow teeth when they are yawning and the bouncy thigh-rubbing walk as if trying to be elegant in slippers.
I love hippos. They might be the deadliest mammal in Africa, killing more people than sharks and lions, but I adore their huge pink-grey orb-like figures and ominously laidback attitude of their life in water. more »

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Kruger for Dummies

The Kruger National Park in the northern part of South Africa is an enormous game reserve. A lot of wild animals live there. A lot of people come to see all these wild animals. And then they go home again, forever changed.

Passionate Kruger-enthusiasts take videos and re-watch it when they get home. They might belong to the SANParks Honorary Rangers, they know the exact location of chalet 46 in Olifants Camp and book the same campsite for their caravan each year. Avid Kruger visitors have bird lists, a diary of last year’s sightings and technologically advanced camping equipment. more »

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