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03-01290 Uganda Explorer

3 Day Safari, Accommodated

On this 3-day safari you will visit two of Uganda's highlights: see the last rhinos at the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary and visit the Murchison Falls National Park.

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07-02890 Fascination Uganda

7 day Safari / Trekking Tour, Accommodated

On this 7-day safari you will experience the highlights of Uganda and that includes an awe-inspiring trek to see the mountain gorillas and a hike to see chimpanzees.

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10-05400 Best of Uganda

10 day Safari / Trekking Tour, Accommodated

Do you want to see all of Uganda's highlights? Then this 10-day safari is just right for you. It includes a Gorilla and a chimpanzee trekking, as well as a walking safari and a boat trip to see the Murchison Falls.

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Uganda Highlights, 13 Days Overland / Trekking Tour, Camping

13-01795Uganda Highlights

13 Day Overland / Trekking Tour, Camping

“The Pearl of Africa” – the unique diversity of wildlife and its natural beauty combined with friendly people make Uganda one of Africa’s hidden gems.

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Kenya & Uganda Explorer, 14 Days Overland / Trekking Tour, Camping

14-02140Kenya & Uganda Explorer

14 Day Trekking / Overland Tour, Camping

On this camping tour through Kenya and Uganda and you will visit the famous Masai Mara Game Reserve as well as the Lake Nakuru National Park and finally encounter the rare and endangered mountain gorillas.

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