Safaris in Zambia

Zambia is by far the most underestimated country in Southern Africa – a hidden gem. Despite excellent game viewing, good infrastructure and remarkable nature, Zambia is not visited by many and offers quiet and undisturbed game watching.

Zambia safaris

A safari in Zambia will be unique. Due to few tourists that visit this country one feels totally at one with nature and can you watch game in total peace. Sitting quietly, you can observe the big cats and elephants without being disturbed by other tourists. These highlights are guaranteed during Safaris in Zambia:

  • Spectacular game viewing
  • Elephant river crossings
  • Abundance of big cat species
  • Diverse safari options such as canoes, boats and vehicles
  • Knowledgeable guides
  • No masses of tourist in the nature reserves
  • Friendly local people

The most popular safaris in Zambia


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Things to see in Zambia

South Luangwa National Park

This national park in the east of Zambia is probable the richest in wildlife in the world. Centered around the Luangwa River, it is famous for its large assortment of animals. Antelopes such as water buck, the threatened puku, marshbuck and bush buck can be seen along with elephants, buffalo, lion, leopard, cheetahs and the white-legged Thornicraft’s giraffe. Bird lovers will love the more than 400 bird species. Apart from the diversity and density of species found here, it is very inaccessible and therefore few tourists visit this area.

Lower Zambezi National Park

The Lower Zambezi National Park is worth a visit when on Safari in Zambia. The mighty Zambezi River flows through Zambia on its way to the Indian Ocean in Mozambique. Apart from game viewing, the park famous for canoe trips on the river. Join an experienced guide on a four or five day paddling trip down this river and see animals by the waterside as they come to drink. Camping on the islands in the river is an unforgettable experience.

Victoria Falls

With tremendous power the Zambezi River cascades 108 m down the Victoria Falls to form the biggest mass of falling water in the world. The water comes from the Angolan plateau and reaches the falls from March to May but in November and December the mass of water is reduced to a trickle. During the dryer months the falls are more impressive from the Zimbabwean side.

Kafue National Park

Kafue is the largest park in Zambia and at 22 000 km² is more than half the size of Switzerland. It has a huge range of animals and apart from sitatungas with their waterproof coats, pukus, elephants, lion and leopard, one might be lucky enough to see wild dogs.

Best time to visit

From May to October is summertime and the best time for a safari in Zambia. Depending on the year and the intensity of the rainy season it is also possible to visit during other months. After heavy rains roads might be slippery and impassable. Many camps and accommodation are closed from December to March.

Best Time To Visit Zambia

Combine your safari in Zambia with a beach holiday at Lake Malawi or at the Mozambican coast. Alternatively extend your stay in Africa by visiting Botswana or Zimbabwe.

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