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South African sweet stuff

South Africans love their sweets - drinks, food or desserts. Brandy and Coke, whiskey and apple juice, fruit juices and spirit coolers, we love them sweet drinks. Where it comes to foodstuffs, desserts are the main attraction on the menu. Baked puddings with ice cream, baked puddings with custard, baked puddings with ice cream and custard.

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How to braai the South African way

Braai; the grilling of meat on an open fire. It is a national past time, a culinary art form and for millions of South Africans, a weekly ritual. The fire, the tools, the meat - all play an essential part to produce the ultimate feast. 'Fire' some prefer real acacia hard wood, while others made do with briquettes.

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The Ostrich and the Steak

I inched closer, lifting my camera, slowly. I was aware of the huge claw-like feet and waited, with closed eyes, for the kick. I was always waiting for the kick, imagining my stomach ripped open, tummies and livers and meters of intestines tumbling out.

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The cat and the tonic

It was afternoon and there were cars everywhere. Some bigger SUV's parked on the pavements while small Asian cars pulled up on Disabled Parking bays. Vehicles' contents spilled out, some stretching and yawning, others clutching babies or rearranging sweaty clothes. It was still damp hot.

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The fat girl with the nose hair

I am fascinated by the combination of body fat and thick waxy hair. Nostrils close like fleshy trapdoors, the feet look like huge hands. I am talking hippos, not men.

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